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Massages près de Toulouse, Castres et Revel


Hot chocolate (50’)
A new concept using chocolate with its moisturising qualities with shea butter ; Chocolate is slowly applied to the whole body with deep slow movements releasing all tension and stress.
Rate : 85 €

Californien (60’)
An all over fluid massage from the roots of your hair to the tip of your toes. The ultimate physical and emotional de stress.
Rate : 85 €

Sea Holistic (75’)
Inspired by a traditional Thai method by combining exfoliant sea salt crystals and a light bolus of sea water for a unique moment of relaxation for your face and body.
Rate : 95 €

Treasure of the seas (60')
From the bay of Mont Saint Michel to the soft Mediterranean via majestic Atlantic waters, Phytomer invites you to explore all the riches of the seas along the French coast in the shape of a superb revitalizing fitness treatment. This treatment allows you to escape your cares and relax, thanks to a special technique consisting of pumping movements applied to specific parts of the body.
Rate : 85 €

Ayurveda (75’)
Originally from India, this science deals with the promotion of balance between people and their environment. The massage technique consists of tapping, rubbing, kneading and the application of pressure on specific areas on the body called marma points. This technique brings relaxation to body and mind. The massage is carried out with the help of warm sesame oil.
Rate : 110 €

Balinese massage (60' or 90')
A traditional technique that is both gentle and invigorating, relaxing and energetic. The stimulation of the body’s energy points encourages the elimination of toxins and brings balance to your whole being.
Rate : 60' = 85 € / 90' = 123 €

Balinese massage + Thai herbal ball massage (120')
After ninety minutes of Balinese massage, you continue on the road to relaxation with a herbal ball massage - hot linen balls filled with herbs from the Far East country of Thailand. These compresses transmit heat and a feeling of comfort throughout the whole body.
Rate : 180 €

Balinese journey (90')
Whirlpool bath with floral or fruit fragrances together with one hour of Balinese massage.
Rate : 123 €

Chi Yang (60')
All the tensions that are rooted deep in your body will slip away and blockages will be removed. This specific technique activates the body’s energy flow, removes internal energy blockages and brings a sense of harmony, well-being and relaxation.
Rate : 85 €

Hot Stone Corps (60' à 90')
A very ancient technique practised by the North American Indians based on the energy from hot stones.
Rate : 60’ = 90 € / 90’ = 123 €

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